Thursday 10 November 2011


If we have more than we need.
If a river is a margin.
If a name is ownership.
If capital is fluid.
If an island.
If the poor shall be with you.
If 36 states considered drug testing for recipients of cash assistance.
If jealous anti-capitalists.
If this is not my country.
If I have no pension.
If people of colour have no monopoly on being oppressed.
If this is racism.
If I am a shareholder.
If private debt is nationalized as in Ireland for example.
If it’s impossible to stay on topic.
If Mr. Cefaratti dismissed comparisons that some people have been making about the Tea Party Movement and the Occupy Wall Street group.
If 2008.
If contributed reporting from New York.
If NATO commander says resistance of Quddafi loyalists is surprising.
If we cannot allow Slovakian taxpayers to be massively damaged.
If Wall Street which nearly collapsed during the financial crisis.
If under the pavement the sewers.
If I give a beggar a twenty.
If correlation.
If you are free to quit your job.
If political genealogy.
If finance is poetry in free fall.
If terminal velocity depends on the drag coefficient.
If we consider an economy where two overlapping generations coexist.
If this is abstract and it’s too easy for me to play this game.
If I go to a restaurant again.
If to express a feeling of mass injustice.
If anarchy literally means without a ruler.
If Alice is the stack take.
If 6 replies.
If how do I share this video on Facebook.
If check out this great song for protest.
If my income this year is estimated to be between $180 million and $250 million I wish.
If sleeping bags blankets tarps and large clear plastic storage bins to keep it all dry.
If capital routes around obstructions.
If guy at #nycga just taught everyone to make a paint brush out of a cigarette butt.
If I have more luxury fever.
If jobs debt work children health.
If we do not own HD TVs.
If get quote.
If nothing is promised.
If it’s obvious that there is no Keynesian multiplier.
If who was first matters.
If a restricted group of international revolutionaries founded in 1957.
If superior passional quality.
If the river is Jordan.
If the river Jordan is in danger of running dry under pressure from huge water diversion programs.
If did it happen.
If margin call or payday loan.
If people who will stock the shelves clean the floors drive delivery trucks operate cash registers and do.
If lives of dignity.
If economics is not a morality play.
If we live paycheck to paycheck.
If 65 mile or 100 kilometre commute.
If Wynton Marsalis turns 50 or Keith Richards turns 70.
If twilight.
If aggregate demand.
If the NBA cancelled the first two weeks of the season after another marathon bargaining session between league and union officials ended in frustration and despair.
If frustration and despair.
If dark matter constitutes 83% of the matter in the universe whereas ordinary matter makes up only 17%.
If it is not only dark but by definition utterly transparent.
If a name is ownership.
If a river is a margin.