Thursday 22 December 2011

The revolution thus moves in a descending line

On Labour Day photographing Russian tourists
and the bronze bull at Bowling Green 
having been cradled in the arms of the cold 
war I read an executive power 

that finds its strength in its very weakness and its respectability in the contempt it calls forth.
A successful middle class follower of Jesus. Veteran. Student. Immigrant
hedge fund Arab spring American fall written on Facebook or liquidity
at a time if any section of history has been painted grey on grey it is this

encampment in liberty. Overnight, largely unoccupied and quiet.
The rich have always been free.
A protest against everyone and everything.
Remnants of the damage from the 1920 bombing still visible at 23 Wall Street.

Collateral management and secured lending 
are the big post-crisis themes in financial markets.

Friday 16 December 2011

The time being

At times Goldman originated
At times Goldman went further
at the same time
In the months leading up
Later that day
That same evening
Also that evening
The next day
Later the same afternoon
In fact the day after
On another occasion

Do we really have scenario risk
on $2bn [billion] not’l [notional]?

Is this becoming personal?

Alice I remember how
we are not dancing together
and you worked too many hours
to have him talk over you like that —

Meaning suffering with
meaning it does not relate to the other as such
here in the cloud hall
could we listen to something a little less abstract?

The littlest birds leave
just enough room for six dancers
rescued by strangers and how many
lost decades.
To be the object of an action, be acted upon, be passive. Now rare.
We became interested in the use of chance in the 1950s,

built a Monte Carlo model of decay hypothecated
and re-hypothecated and broke the bank you’re hiding.
We cannot put this on paper.
It’s safe to come out now no one’s here.

Monday 12 December 2011

The provision of unprecedented amounts of liquidity

1. The black drawings yesterday (just in time!) sunk me back into that abstract

2. On the phone in the middle of this intense, this is what it is

3. A number, you can work it out. It does begin with a four and it does begin with a seven, I think would be as much as we would like to say at this point

4. In continuous production since looking may be a kind of theft or elegy.

5. On the street, in the sun, all the angles and black stone.

6. Or eyesight to the blind.

7. Gloriously appointed with luxurious furnishings and a breathtaking stained-glass ceiling, a black metal

8. What does salt have to do with the sun?

9. In an empty dress, again.

10. Presses on in, but does not move on from the wild flowers assume

11. Black wooden pilings in the oily Hudson, all the glamour of the Cunard Lines.

Saturday 10 December 2011


A failure in being perfect; an imperfection,
and you disagree. This is known as the basis.
A rain of ghosts advise: Don't look back.

A tall man often becomes Mars or Pluto whitening
his defect, blemish, flaw; or dust. It's beautiful I tell you.
I am giving you this believing it is broken.

I am paying you with the wind
in an empty dress in a shut shop window on Mulberry Street.
Swapping the word for the word at night.

There is always error, noise, skip or spread. Kurtosis.
What was then and before I came in at the end
wrapped in my own reign of closing reflections.

Yes. There are two competing theories usually advanced for the pricing of credit default swaps.
Like the green of unopened spring flowers after gentle mourning.

Thursday 10 November 2011


If we have more than we need.
If a river is a margin.
If a name is ownership.
If capital is fluid.
If an island.
If the poor shall be with you.
If 36 states considered drug testing for recipients of cash assistance.
If jealous anti-capitalists.
If this is not my country.
If I have no pension.
If people of colour have no monopoly on being oppressed.
If this is racism.
If I am a shareholder.
If private debt is nationalized as in Ireland for example.
If it’s impossible to stay on topic.
If Mr. Cefaratti dismissed comparisons that some people have been making about the Tea Party Movement and the Occupy Wall Street group.
If 2008.
If contributed reporting from New York.
If NATO commander says resistance of Quddafi loyalists is surprising.
If we cannot allow Slovakian taxpayers to be massively damaged.
If Wall Street which nearly collapsed during the financial crisis.
If under the pavement the sewers.
If I give a beggar a twenty.
If correlation.
If you are free to quit your job.
If political genealogy.
If finance is poetry in free fall.
If terminal velocity depends on the drag coefficient.
If we consider an economy where two overlapping generations coexist.
If this is abstract and it’s too easy for me to play this game.
If I go to a restaurant again.
If to express a feeling of mass injustice.
If anarchy literally means without a ruler.
If Alice is the stack take.
If 6 replies.
If how do I share this video on Facebook.
If check out this great song for protest.
If my income this year is estimated to be between $180 million and $250 million I wish.
If sleeping bags blankets tarps and large clear plastic storage bins to keep it all dry.
If capital routes around obstructions.
If guy at #nycga just taught everyone to make a paint brush out of a cigarette butt.
If I have more luxury fever.
If jobs debt work children health.
If we do not own HD TVs.
If get quote.
If nothing is promised.
If it’s obvious that there is no Keynesian multiplier.
If who was first matters.
If a restricted group of international revolutionaries founded in 1957.
If superior passional quality.
If the river is Jordan.
If the river Jordan is in danger of running dry under pressure from huge water diversion programs.
If did it happen.
If margin call or payday loan.
If people who will stock the shelves clean the floors drive delivery trucks operate cash registers and do.
If lives of dignity.
If economics is not a morality play.
If we live paycheck to paycheck.
If 65 mile or 100 kilometre commute.
If Wynton Marsalis turns 50 or Keith Richards turns 70.
If twilight.
If aggregate demand.
If the NBA cancelled the first two weeks of the season after another marathon bargaining session between league and union officials ended in frustration and despair.
If frustration and despair.
If dark matter constitutes 83% of the matter in the universe whereas ordinary matter makes up only 17%.
If it is not only dark but by definition utterly transparent.
If a name is ownership.
If a river is a margin.

Thursday 15 September 2011

On an anniversary of the fall of Lehman Brothers

I am thinking Alice.
I am thinking a forward contract.
I am thinking that for a distribution with infinite variance the law of large numbers does not apply.
I am thinking the colour red does not have sharp boundaries but can be clearly distinguished.
I am thinking related instruments.
I am thinking a room full of surgeons or is it police.
I am thinking this embodies all information.
I am thinking Alice wearing a peach-coloured cardigan and a certain kind of shoes and is this is a lot of information.
I am thinking it consists of a rebalanced hedge of 1/St and short a log contract.
I am thinking medicine for this.
I am thinking class war is subtle or blunt.
I am thinking Alice oh Alice look up.
I am thinking all information embodies.
I am thinking Alice sometimes red.
I am thinking an infinite statistical moment.
I am thinking whose enemy in class war.
I am thinking linear contributions can be separated out.
I am thinking scale independent a small scalpel of light.
I am thinking approximately 700 nanometres.
I am thinking for example using the daily closing prices of the S&P 500 down 3.4% on September 9.
I am thinking lipstick Alice bright red yes reading in class.
I am thinking this time it is not about capital.
I am thinking derivative or medicine.
I am thinking go in.
I am thinking enemies or surgeons will dismember but differently.
I am thinking Alice.

[citing bank debt of $613 billion, $155 billion in bond debt, and assets worth $639 billion]