Friday 18 May 2012

Abacus speaks

We haven't talked about this — but once 
your good good work is accomplished be television,
noble, move quietly. Face to face.
Your charges grow data darkly slide.
Price transparency is not a systemic risk issue.
Attached to you, deep finally will pinhole, hook, cord, thorn, moon, tide, toy,
synthetic credit portfolio.
Leave the sea behind. Hedge.

Desert coyote hut quilt then.

Bright. Fab. Once. Well 
what if we created a "thing" 
which has no purpose, 
which is absolutely conceptual and highly 
theoretical and which 
and which
which nobody knows how to price?

Like other regrets or shadows, recalled.
His scales are his pride.

So there is a humble noble and ethical reason for
my job. Widows and tigers and other wastes inside addition, iron as straw.
Because correlation modelling is not easy to get right.
US $64031825100 net notional tranched as of the week ending 2012-05-04 though these are massively aggregated figures.

“It could get worse. This could go on for a little bit,” Jaime Dimon said in 2012.

Tuesday 1 May 2012



If all the information is on the table
a rational actor will behave this way.
Maximize utility.
The Lincoln Town Car will no longer be manufactured after 2011.
There are over 25000 Lincoln Town Cars in New York City. Most of them are black. Some of them are white.
Blackness in and of itself is of no significance.
Neither is whiteness.
Information always eventually becomes evenly distributed.
The laws of gravity can be derived from the distribution of entropy in the universe.

If all the information is on pieces of paper
in briefcases in offices above the floor the first plane struck
and all the paper is burning or blowing in the wind there is
on a clear September day a rational actor
will no longer specialize
are black of itself neither
always entropy --

This was not like that.
After September 11 2001 the Federal Reserve cut short-term interest rates to historically low levels from 6.5% to just 1%.

Is forgetting the same as keeping a secret?

If all the information is distributed paper
falls subject to gravity and the wind
on the table that is not like this snow
on a clear September day 
neither is whiteness utility.

If all the information is in the cloud
on pieces of blowing in the wind
eventually concludes that interest rates 
do not explain historic trends for the country.

Is keeping a secret the same as lying?


It disturbs people to think
that among this falling paper
there are falling men and women.
They fall faster
and time slows as you watch them
near the horizon they never reach
but at a well-defined moment
they burst into flame the temperature of information.

It disturbs people to think
of the choice between fire and falling
until memory becomes a photograph
the colour of information 
and there are no bodies only architecture
only geometry only conformal equivalence
only unstoppable collapse into noise.

No state has more entropy.
How much information fits here?
It's proportional to the surface area
in units of the Planck length.
Imagine a small black hole under the Hudson 
under the towers or offset, in Jersey
where Lehman was.
A place where information drains
from the world.
A place where there are no bodies,
no names, no numbers.
A place after the proof
of the Financial Instability Hypothesis
where there are no memories
no secrets, no lies.


Where form does not differ from emptiness;
where the black and white paper of record
lies open and hiding the fall forgetting
The same is true of feelings
perceptions formations consciousness.


The Lincoln Town Car will no longer
be manufactured after 2011.