Friday, 15 November 2013

The presence of geometric shapes in historical price charts

"People are feeling good,” billionaire collector Eli Broad said in 2010 so
ok maybe that's not nearly the same as negative capability and this crisis
following a 4.4 percent rally it matters the previous
bright coloured boasting just needed a bit of time hierarchy maintenance
away there's nothing to rethink Alice. The exit was always clearly marked
with newspaper clippings almost legible under white encaustic Sun Times
was it 1956 or 1952 at one end of the catenary the trajectory the moving average
eventual downslope falling through a hole in their flag or white numbers rising
because that could be me in one of those black cars is an escalade a car.
And by that we mean that it’s not nominal wealth being threatened anymore.
I spent minutes trying to read without any irritable reaching after fact and reason. Resistance.

"The calming of global financial markets helps global wealth,” said Rommel
T. Dionisio, a New York-based analyst who follows Sotheby’s for Wedbush Securities Inc.

To a technician, the emotions in the market may be irrational, but they exist.
Listen I wouldn't call myself a chartist but if you loosen your tie that shirt fits perfectly
mine never do so who or what do you
envy? Kickstarter? It matters. There will always be
scaffolds. Ladders. Jefferson. Tesla. Support. Another high alpha opportunity.
Teller & Ulam. Turnbull & Asser. Momentum. Whole Foods. Fox News. Lagavulin. Lists. Siege. Debate
about how tall the Freedom Tower is a private company and
the radio is on all the time Alice living in a network of beggars
who owns a radio anymore. They will revert to the mean. We learned
there was a way past the apocalypse of Abstract Expressionism.
It's not a bias. Even though he publicly stated that he supports higher taxes on the wealthy
I'm not attacking the rich in this work. Philanthropy shadows must be a good thing.
"It’s an iconic quintessential masterpiece,” Altman said in a phone interview after the sale.

Also, art is “an anti-currency play,” according to Los Angeles money
manager Jeffrey Gundlach, of DoubleLine Capital LP.

Monday, 14 October 2013

A tweet is not direct action

Arts-industrial complex clientage style or fashion bicycle the difference is newsboy caps report
Walt Whitman Dries van Noten Apple Margaret Atwood at home our own noble Egypt Patti Smith
and Das Kapital is a Penguin Classic honored on Monday for showing that asset prices tend to move
with greater predictability
in the long term can you say raw denim anarchy in the NYT APC TPP WTO IPO SEO CSA NSA go away
and buy something
risk free with good sponsorship or viral dissent
profit center of race or class don't matter
when you are a true individual at liberty in selvedge revolution
it's clear that you've never gone hungry she is said to have said to Simone de Beauvoir
which advocates for harnessing social media to enact progressive change
or a poster of Paul Krugman Don Draper and Emma Goldman smoking pipes on the internet
expecting the company that posted a $69 million loss last year to seek a valuation of at least
no future brand names lie like absolutely
Ai Wei Wei I wear Converse All Stars and read what poetry “juxtaposes” satisfyingly with chemical weapons
on the runway porter the subway latte the music by does it matter inequality and taxes for the 1% matter seed money is
Keston Sutherland polished foundational wardrobe pieces Esquire worn blue ten billion
take action but in 48 hours African leaders could kill off more than weather
Sid Vicious was the last hope for change streaming then that will be their long tail of success Simone Weil wrote
Have those who have fallen so low pity on themselves?
and nationalism and identity are co-opted but this belongs to Facebook.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Colluding with the action of capital

In a world of asymmetric information
where different agents can hold different sets of information and
rationally I often feel I am not personally engaged
being a shareholder of being
an investor in sympathy
a kind of guilt or delegated
narcissism which may be worse because disavowed. Every bank
has to be concerned that it might
be perceived as a source. Alice I can't forget
that meeting and sense of triumph, of counterparty risk
afterwards. I paid.
I noticed the cattleya in the shop
window, a pale yellow that was perhaps overdone or exuberant, a colour
you never wear. I noticed
how you have an élan while I pretend to listen
and profit by it. Perhaps it is a question of value after all
or action, or distribution, access to markets or
nonlinear effects in high frequency trading.
Rumors of distress are enough.
This isn't ironic, really.
A stupefying heroic abstraction
like Boltzmann's equation or the revolution
in men's wear following the collapse
of the market for asset-backed commercial paper.
In fact I do listen and care deeply.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Incorporating text from a publication now in the public domain

In a rich and fruitful land seated in companies
this week’s  meetings lacked the sense of crisis
which has characterised many such meetings since the
unusually turbulent day when Adam delved
as prices in the futures market fell,
and there was a spillover into the equities markets.
On any scale the proportion of noise-containing periods
to error-free
periods was a constant.
The long-winged dusky swifts swung round about with their wild
Things have changed since then.
Thus errors were inevitable.
Was that trembling cry a song? Eve span.
Cancel the debt and redistribute.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Times of influence are always brief

Was there a shining path from there? Nothing can be understood spontaneously.
When I see it, I will know. There was no remorse
in the marketplaces, in front of metro station gates and in suburbs
under paving stones the melancholy exaltation
Alice I barely remember. There were rumors.
A thousand flowers, material in detailed hygienic
observation serving an as yet unidentified total discourse.
There was an optimism, extraordinary belief.
All the photographs black and white because art had no colour yet.
Barricades. Discussion papers. Fire. Some deaths, a small number of deaths.

There was no internet and the radio came later. Someone said
people should not ask why but only say because.
The wage rose steadily and then after 1979 the share of income going to higher-income households rose
while the share going to lower-income households fell but this isn't
a history lesson that great descending light in May
or perhaps it was another time no more vanity desire or fear.
The council for maintaining occupations continues
to keep examining the issue. Regressions are useful. Gains overfill.
Not one picture leaves you in peace. Disconcerted by our weakness
Alice I barely remember and retreat in time, my eyes grown numb.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Everywhere continuous and nowhere differentiable


There is no privilege in thinking.
There is no privilege in seeing no privilege
I am entitled to by this affect if aged
at the sharp edge and sublime light
past me the the shining grudge of numbers:
do the markets move (they move) —


as there was a beginning first growth
came before rivers before understanding
but who says groceries or feather-beds or lace curtains or perfume
or intellectual property or colour film
or commodity. A carton of cigarettes.
We dream lines. We play games. Weave and cut.
Any point is uniquely determined
by its chronological past or its future


Alice in this city orphaned again and not by
accident I knew you or did I know. Upriver, the ice.
Time teaches loss, teaches desire, learns some maybe
your red winter coat and the black birds
and sick with it and fastened to a dying economy
bedclothes tangled on the floor as I read
different rivers carry us
where there needs be no losers —


The difference has no limit just corners.
There has never been a revolution.
Synergies will never make up for the bid premium.
Acorns fall.
A photograph of Emma Goldman, Rosa Luxemburg and Simone de Beauvoir on the beach smoking pipes (1930s) posted on the internet
out of order a set even if all at once the stable causality
condition holds everywhere if and only if there is a function whose gradient is everywhere timelike


Look close. It breaks. Look closer. It breaks
again. Look close and closer.
Years become years. Years become months, days.
Minutes, seconds. A crown of milliseconds.
A thorn bush, an embrace of points and moments:
bring your hands together a little bit
and time passes just a little, scratches, draws
blood without feeling arms flung around now, now, now.
Thorns. Now. Look. It's broken.


Sunday, 3 February 2013

"This led to genuine liquidity shortfalls"

Now capital is exhausted the occupation
complete all their lore and meaning lovingly

poured out two-handed a shortage
of safe assets i.e. not collateral just artifice.

Power still propped up. 
Alice where does this leave you?
An American / is a complex of occasions

the rest of the world occasionally 
occupied-by-America, complex

extended and exhausted by capital, a few
women walking on Wall Street with you that afternoon.