Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Colluding with the action of capital

In a world of asymmetric information
where different agents can hold different sets of information and
rationally I often feel I am not personally engaged
being a shareholder of being
an investor in sympathy
a kind of guilt or delegated
narcissism which may be worse because disavowed. Every bank
has to be concerned that it might
be perceived as a source. Alice I can't forget
that meeting and sense of triumph, of counterparty risk
afterwards. I paid.
I noticed the cattleya in the shop
window, a pale yellow that was perhaps overdone or exuberant, a colour
you never wear. I noticed
how you have an élan while I pretend to listen
and profit by it. Perhaps it is a question of value after all
or action, or distribution, access to markets or
nonlinear effects in high frequency trading.
Rumors of distress are enough.
This isn't ironic, really.
A stupefying heroic abstraction
like Boltzmann's equation or the revolution
in men's wear following the collapse
of the market for asset-backed commercial paper.
In fact I do listen and care deeply.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Incorporating text from a publication now in the public domain

In a rich and fruitful land seated in companies
this week’s  meetings lacked the sense of crisis
which has characterised many such meetings since the
unusually turbulent day when Adam delved
as prices in the futures market fell,
and there was a spillover into the equities markets.
On any scale the proportion of noise-containing periods
to error-free
periods was a constant.
The long-winged dusky swifts swung round about with their wild
Things have changed since then.
Thus errors were inevitable.
Was that trembling cry a song? Eve span.
Cancel the debt and redistribute.