Friday 18 May 2012

Abacus speaks

We haven't talked about this — but once 
your good good work is accomplished be television,
noble, move quietly. Face to face.
Your charges grow data darkly slide.
Price transparency is not a systemic risk issue.
Attached to you, deep finally will pinhole, hook, cord, thorn, moon, tide, toy,
synthetic credit portfolio.
Leave the sea behind. Hedge.

Desert coyote hut quilt then.

Bright. Fab. Once. Well 
what if we created a "thing" 
which has no purpose, 
which is absolutely conceptual and highly 
theoretical and which 
and which
which nobody knows how to price?

Like other regrets or shadows, recalled.
His scales are his pride.

So there is a humble noble and ethical reason for
my job. Widows and tigers and other wastes inside addition, iron as straw.
Because correlation modelling is not easy to get right.
US $64031825100 net notional tranched as of the week ending 2012-05-04 though these are massively aggregated figures.

“It could get worse. This could go on for a little bit,” Jaime Dimon said in 2012.