Friday 26 April 2013

Times of influence are always brief

Was there a shining path from there? Nothing can be understood spontaneously.
When I see it, I will know. There was no remorse
in the marketplaces, in front of metro station gates and in suburbs
under paving stones the melancholy exaltation
Alice I barely remember. There were rumors.
A thousand flowers, material in detailed hygienic
observation serving an as yet unidentified total discourse.
There was an optimism, extraordinary belief.
All the photographs black and white because art had no colour yet.
Barricades. Discussion papers. Fire. Some deaths, a small number of deaths.

There was no internet and the radio came later. Someone said
people should not ask why but only say because.
The wage rose steadily and then after 1979 the share of income going to higher-income households rose
while the share going to lower-income households fell but this isn't
a history lesson that great descending light in May
or perhaps it was another time no more vanity desire or fear.
The council for maintaining occupations continues
to keep examining the issue. Regressions are useful. Gains overfill.
Not one picture leaves you in peace. Disconcerted by our weakness
Alice I barely remember and retreat in time, my eyes grown numb.