Monday 14 October 2013

A tweet is not direct action

Arts-industrial complex clientage style or fashion bicycle the difference is newsboy caps report
Walt Whitman Dries van Noten Apple Margaret Atwood at home our own noble Egypt Patti Smith
and Das Kapital is a Penguin Classic honored on Monday for showing that asset prices tend to move
with greater predictability
in the long term can you say raw denim anarchy in the NYT APC TPP WTO IPO SEO CSA NSA go away
and buy something
risk free with good sponsorship or viral dissent
profit center of race or class don't matter
when you are a true individual at liberty in selvedge revolution
it's clear that you've never gone hungry she is said to have said to Simone de Beauvoir
which advocates for harnessing social media to enact progressive change
or a poster of Paul Krugman Don Draper and Emma Goldman smoking pipes on the internet
expecting the company that posted a $69 million loss last year to seek a valuation of at least
no future brand names lie like absolutely
Ai Wei Wei I wear Converse All Stars and read what poetry “juxtaposes” satisfyingly with chemical weapons
on the runway porter the subway latte the music by does it matter inequality and taxes for the 1% matter seed money is
Keston Sutherland polished foundational wardrobe pieces Esquire worn blue ten billion
take action but in 48 hours African leaders could kill off more than weather
Sid Vicious was the last hope for change streaming then that will be their long tail of success Simone Weil wrote
Have those who have fallen so low pity on themselves?
and nationalism and identity are co-opted but this belongs to Facebook.