Friday 27 July 2012

The New Deal


And despite this compassion or this art
the drawing or the bronze face-first
into the hillside, the animal tame or wild
with his hand out facing the street
and the stopped cars, unshaven the last light
of the year failing his still forest eyes —

Alice you know all this. The new deal.
Driving up the fjord green and blue you might as well
the shards of your voice the scarf
deep marine indigo mauve and red yes
as it tatters lift yourself up and
back into this singing school. You can.
Jack pine. White pine. Birch. Oak. Acorn.
Every investment has risk.


There are men who can see one star break.
Your fog, your river morning record
your footsteps in the hall
hand on the door your voice
counting out or naming subway stops.
Astor Place. JP Morgan Chase & Co. up 2.03 for a gain of 5.964% at the close.
An equally great number toil with little return.

Large, illiquid types of things to manage down.
Not built on models, collateral flow, capital
or correlation now that Europe isn't
and has always been doomed, loud and willing.
Sadly it does all cohere. Profit difficult but possible.
It's hard to recognize from my apartment
but if you pause, poise, you can still. The river.
Plenty is at our doorstep but a generous use of it
languishes in the very sight of the supply.


Is it the materials lift us up, selenium
and brent crude and clouded voices quiet
on the waves? Or glass fibre. The once radical
now tired and terrible, spent prophecy. A pale
horse, champagne, made of coherent splendid illumination
and live breath, racing hearts. A kiss at the door.
No more than that. Beauty. I beg to differ.

The level of scrutiny did not evolve commensurate with increasing complexity.
Alice we can understand every word of that again.
Their efforts have been cast in the path of an outworn tradition
behind and above the remaindered forest
the exquisite stars and the clouds racing past the thinning moon
a red dark anger that would tear it all down.