Thursday 2 August 2012

Do numbers come before voices.

One man on the garden wall
the low wall drumming on his I think
tan untruth fawn or fox-red
leather briefcase hard sides.
Due. Floating. Deferred.

I made notes. I told lies. I said.
Hold this in my hand. Two.
Green, apple green or grass or mould.
Black new blue and a grey stain spreading
cracking and scratching scraping.
Dull or not that simple colour of money.

An incoherent beauty die-stamped out.
Is that enough? Imagine counterparties.
Circle around fresh water. Three. I learned to 

count reading the newspaper imitation
characterized the sublime happening again and again separating
them from us. Four. I bought an unusually grey silk necktie 
in the Marais pale stitching outline of petals soft metal
lead to go to the Opéra Bastile. It felt necessary, effective. More
nothing to do with politic or finance colour.