Monday 20 January 2014

Learning from history or the future conventional expressions of a great leap forward

"Dear common" I want to say Alice & is this thought
homage no thought is theft again.
To those who came before
revolution. To those who are still to come
revolution. But now in my house
a warm room & reasonable perhaps
income is this collective affect? Yes or no.
When once we could buy low & sell high.
You see from a profits point of view
it's not a depressed economy at all.
In my garden a thousand flowers grow.

It's not mere chance that this goes on listen
vague discomfort under toxic well-being
or inarticulate rage anaesthetized by sweetness
or the simulated visibility of the comment stream
when power is all local, mobile or high speed concern
across the duration spectrum & no site of capital
but maybe this machine still kills fascists.
Designed in California, assembled in China. 6.54. Yeah.

Dear common all the room is full & debts settle like fog or refuge
what is shared but fences sure & do what you love what do you love.
Though the protest dispersed dividends are up
after a foundational year for growth want
plan & well positioned information containing certain
forward words project anticipate expect estimate forecast
& similar conventional expressions –
In the spring of nations, springtime of the people the masses
working class objectives tended to fall
with those of the middle
such as shoemakers printers & tailors & hand-loom workers

sales associates crossing guards analysts carpenters barbers brokers hardware store franchise owners executive assistants dance instructors lighting directors lawyers taxi drivers intern checkout engineers streetcar conductors factory soldiers in Afghanistan or Mali call centres & parish priests jihadi or composers or mayors or layabouts or Stephen or Sarah or Ahmed or Teju or Tamara or Hiroko or Jorge or Lisa or Nelson or Lang-ho or Marijuka or Left Chiral Light Returning to the clearcut


1848 the future