Thursday 2 January 2014

The idea that this was a private system

Oh Alice this is endless becoming knowing being willing
all missing and numbers mount.
I won't recite them. We will stand together in addressing this threat to our prosperity so
I said there are forests in the fourfold root of the principle of sufficient
property is theft, thought
is theft, debt is violence swimming upstream, the dark headwaters it takes.
Where does this leave us?

I think empty. In the black and white tangle fractal
trembling upon the edge of not caring
public parks, or on the pages of
the pixels of, and numbers again.
They are our lever, our eyes still.
There is no forgetting even on the edge
there are so many edges.
But error mounts. Moves.

Leaves fall. Looking out on the park
is greyer than it is flannel. Forest again artifice.
Alice I remember orange accidents
because there are always accidents
and no patient need or capability to explain
take decisive action and use all available tools.
Monetizing links is just the first step in using clickstream data.
This favors the appearance of specific patterns of class relations.

Do we take responsibility? And prevent their failure?
The numbers do not. Revealed to be an illusion
our knowing consciousness is divisible solely into subject and object.
Ok. Alice we have lies and anonymous
mathematics, systemically important content providers
secondary markets for securitized assets.
Intermittencies of capital. Memory. Revolution or

Time Warner, one of the largest media companies in the world, is paid
a fee with the sale of each mask, as it owns the rights to the image.

Alice the way you turned back from the grey
window into unqualified economy and reflections
of flat modernist masterpices doing what it takes
the day we met there by accident reconsiderd
surprise that settled slowly leaving us roots and branches
Alice with no safe returns but this has been said and has happened