Saturday 10 December 2011


A failure in being perfect; an imperfection,
and you disagree. This is known as the basis.
A rain of ghosts advise: Don't look back.

A tall man often becomes Mars or Pluto whitening
his defect, blemish, flaw; or dust. It's beautiful I tell you.
I am giving you this believing it is broken.

I am paying you with the wind
in an empty dress in a shut shop window on Mulberry Street.
Swapping the word for the word at night.

There is always error, noise, skip or spread. Kurtosis.
What was then and before I came in at the end
wrapped in my own reign of closing reflections.

Yes. There are two competing theories usually advanced for the pricing of credit default swaps.
Like the green of unopened spring flowers after gentle mourning.