Thursday 22 December 2011

The revolution thus moves in a descending line

On Labour Day photographing Russian tourists
and the bronze bull at Bowling Green 
having been cradled in the arms of the cold 
war I read an executive power 

that finds its strength in its very weakness and its respectability in the contempt it calls forth.
A successful middle class follower of Jesus. Veteran. Student. Immigrant
hedge fund Arab spring American fall written on Facebook or liquidity
at a time if any section of history has been painted grey on grey it is this

encampment in liberty. Overnight, largely unoccupied and quiet.
The rich have always been free.
A protest against everyone and everything.
Remnants of the damage from the 1920 bombing still visible at 23 Wall Street.

Collateral management and secured lending 
are the big post-crisis themes in financial markets.