Monday 12 December 2011

The provision of unprecedented amounts of liquidity

1. The black drawings yesterday (just in time!) sunk me back into that abstract

2. On the phone in the middle of this intense, this is what it is

3. A number, you can work it out. It does begin with a four and it does begin with a seven, I think would be as much as we would like to say at this point

4. In continuous production since looking may be a kind of theft or elegy.

5. On the street, in the sun, all the angles and black stone.

6. Or eyesight to the blind.

7. Gloriously appointed with luxurious furnishings and a breathtaking stained-glass ceiling, a black metal

8. What does salt have to do with the sun?

9. In an empty dress, again.

10. Presses on in, but does not move on from the wild flowers assume

11. Black wooden pilings in the oily Hudson, all the glamour of the Cunard Lines.